12 Stream of thought

Day 12: Give stream-of-consciousness writing a try. This is where you basically just write out whatever comes into your head at the moment it comes into your head. It can feel bizarre, and it’s certainly not structured, but it can lead to some valuable insights into what’s going on in your mind. I’ll give you a 10-second example from right now, while looking out my window: “Boy, I have a nice-looking grill outside and the weather is beautiful…just what we need after all this cold and snow. That butt looks like a ship from Star Wars… it makes me want to be outside.. maybe I need to spend more time outside and appreciate the fresh air. Perhaps I’ll open a window!” Random? Absolutely. Offering some helpful insight about my desire/need for fresh air? Affirmative. Try this out for 10-15 minutes. You may uncover something — no matter how small — you hadn’t previously realized.

Since I'm supposed to be in a steram of thought, I've engaged hemingway mode on here. Now I can't correct any mistakes or spelling errors. Hooray? I'm upposed to be typing everything that goes through my head which right now is mainly, man I'm tired and I have to be up at 0530 for running tomorrow. I thought I would bein bead a while ago but haven't made it there yet. I'm more interested in finding some good aftersahve because even though I like the lotion, I'd liek some thing that also smells good and is an astringent . I've been breaking out like a teenagers again lately and it's super annoying. I winder if anyone wil read this or these entries ever. I suppose that one day Hilary or my children (when they exist) will bbe able to look through my journal netires the way that I read Granddad's book/journal of WW2. I'm aftaraid that they will think I'm unwortyh or unitersting which I supposed I am. I wouldn't read my own writing which I suppose means that I wshould get better at it. Hmm. I've always been told that Im' a decent writer but it has been years since Ive serioulsy written anything other thna journal entries. Maybe I should try writing a shourt story or two once I'm donw with these journaling prompts. The problem I have with stream of conciousness writing is that I've been trying to practice mindefullness and meditatin (somewhat). I'm pretty good at thinking about notuhing when I want to . I suppose that means taht I'm repressing thoughts which could be a bad thing. It think its ok since I'm not repressing them becase someone wants me to but because I want to live in the moment. I want to make a moment more focused. Anyway, I'm yawning here so I should probbly go to bed. Another note about writing like this is that I typically write what I'm thinking and leave the editing up for later anyway. I find that I write conversationally. I write what is in my mind at the time I'm writing. It's like speaking, I don't really think about it, I leave it up to my breain to figure out which words and order to speakin. Ok really done now .

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