16 Book Blurb

Day 16: Imagine that someone has decided to write a book about your life, just up to this point. What would the cover blurb say? Be honest here. Is it kind of boring? Are you happy with it? Now imagine what you’d like that blurb to say at the end of your life. What changes need to made for that to happen?

This prompt seems to think that up until this point in my life, I have done nothing interesting or noteworthy. I wonder if that doesn't speak to who the author thinks is their target audience. Personally, I feel like they're talking down to me. I think that if someone were to write a book about my life up to this point, it might not be Harry Potter but it would be better than some of the trash that I've read in the last 5 years. Depending on how the rest of my life goes, my life could rank up there with many well known figures. Dropped out of college and joined the military? That sounds like presidential material to me. Not to mention my job in the Air Force and all the interesting things that I do there. Ultimately, I'd say that life is going how I want it to for now. I think that having a plan helps me to be more satisfied with life than some of my contemporaries. I know where I've been, I've learned some lessons, and I ultimately see where I want to go (if not the exact route).

As for the blurb at the end of my life, I'd just like it to say that I was happy. Since my own happiness is within my control, I believe that my goal will be fulfilled.

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