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Dear Grandmother and Granddad,

I was never old enough to talk to you and ask you questions while you were around and lucid. I have so many but I also have things that I want to tell you.

Granddad, I joined the Air Force. I have so many questions about your time in the service. I read through your biography. It was so interesting. I am so proud to call you family. Thank you for serving our country. What rank were you when you separated? What was the enlisted force like? After you separated, I know that you went back to school and started teaching. How was that? Do you have any success stories from teaching? I know that you greatly influenced my dad in going into teaching. I wish that he could find a teaching position he was happy in. I wish that I had known you more as an adult so that I could have talked with you about life.

Grandmother, I feel like I don't know you at all. I only know that you always kept some sort of cookie or candy in a jar in the dining room. How was your time working for the state government? Did you enjoy what you did? What exactly did you do? Did you ever face sexual discrimination in the workplace?

I suppose that all of these questions will forever remain unanswered since you both passed away several years ago.

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