Ben Franklin Schedule

I'm always looking for how to be more productive. This week, I was reading through my news feeds on feedly [] and came across an article from J. Money on Budgets Are Sexy about living Benjamin Franklin's schedule [].

My ears perked up. It's a pretty straight-forward schedule. I decided give it a test run this week. Here's what it looks like from Ben Franklin himself .

I don't know how he managed on so little sleep each night. From experimentation, I know that my body prefers to get around 9 hours of sleep each night. That is when I wake up feeling my most refreshed. However, I usually get around 7.5-8 hours during the week. With his schedule, I'll only be getting around 7-7.5 hours.

The other thing that jumps out to me is that I don't usually work those hours and I can't really change them much. I suppose what I'll be changing this week is when my alarm is set. I'll be waking up an hour earlier to get a little more done each day. Or I'll crash and burn. I don't know which.