It's that time of year again: National Novel Writing Month. The month where everyone strives to write a 50,000 word novel.

I follow a bunch of author's blogs and they all write about this event every year Charles Stross [] , John Scalzi [] , and even Wesley Crusher [].

Last year, I read all about it and decided to try it out. November arrived and my fingers did nothing. Out of my 50,000 word goal, I wrote exactly 0.

This year, I resolved to try again. I must say that I am off to a much better start. There is no way that I'll hit 50,000 words but I'll at least have some. Currently I'm sitting around 1,200. No you can't read it. It's awful. It'll make your eyes bleed.

I didn't plan out a thing so it's, just, pure drivel. It's almost like stream of consciousness writing. So far in the plot though, I've established that the world my two main characters live in has dirigibles and forests where the oceans should be due to a nuclear war in the distant past.

That is all I'll say about it. Once the month is over, I'll update this post with my final word count.