New Languages

I'm starting yet another class this week. This time, the topic will be other programming languages. Up until this point in my college career with UMUC, we have only used Java.

While Java is quite powerful and can run pretty much everywhere, it is certainly not user friendly. I certainly wouldn't use it for any trivial project. Or really any project where I can avoid it.

I was hoping that we would learn contemporary languages like Go, Scala, or Clojure. Instead we'll be covering C++, Ada95, Java, Lisp, and Prolog. I know that at least the syntax of lisp and prolog is carried through to some more modern languages so that's alright.

As I reviewed the schedule, I'm surprised that we only have two coding assignments and one is in Java. For a course that is supposed to teach us other languages, we'll be doing very little actual programming in these other languages. It will be up to me to figure them out and write programs in them, I guess.

I'll be teaching myself again with little help from my school other than a general direction to go. What else is new?