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I've learned a lot about programming over the years. I started learning programming with HTML which is the language of the web. Through the years, I have found a bunch of great resources for learning. This post is dedicated to my current sources of information.

My favorite blog that I read these days is called Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots. It's written by a company of programmers. They work Monday thru Thursday and help others on Friday. Writing the blog is one way they help. The provide insight into their current best practices as well as new techniques they are developing. Just this week, I have read several of their blog posts relating to testing Ruby on Rails applications. These guys rock!

The next blog up that I read regularly is called RubyFlow. It is a firehose of information. It collects blog posts about Ruby and publishes links to them. It's how I stay up-to-date on the Ruby world.

The final blog that I'm going to mention is called Coding Horror. It's sometimes related to programming and sometimes it's about general software development culture. I enjoy the style of it and I also read it because Jeff Atwood is a mammoth figure in the development world. He co-created the website Stack Overflow.

Wrapping this up, I'm going to mention a podcast that I listen to. It's called the Ruby On Rails podcast (super original). This is a relatively long podcast that publishes about bi-weekly. I enjoy it because they will interview developers of major projects. Like for example in this last episode, he interviewed a developer working.

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