This week I'm doing the obligatory post about the tools that I use to program. Let's start out with the tools I use:

  • Sublime Text
  • Linux Virtual Machine
  • Git
  • rvm

With those, I can conquer anything thrown my way.

I'm a recent convert to Sublime Text. Before that, I mainly used Notepad++. I love it's speed mainly. Using Notepad++ with a lot of files in a project causes it to move deathly slow. I've yet to notice a slow down in Sublime Text. In addition, I enjoy the robust plugin support and the theming support.

As linux virtual machines go, I keep one running at Digital Ocean. Nothing too massive but one that I use for my development. I keep my development directory in sync with it using a VPN. Developing on Windows sucks. I never know when a package won't run correctly or if there is some weird quirk for installing it. It's so much easier to just develop in *nix.

Git, how I love thee. Git is the version control system that I use. I've poked around with Subversion and mercurial too just so that I know them. My work has been saved more than once because I checked it into the git repository. Git tracks the changes to the files and allows me to move between versions of the files. So awesome.

Finally, rvm for Ruby development. Using rvm, I can easily manage the version of ruby intalled in my development environment. I find it super useful when I'm working on other projects. When they are using an older version of ruby for some reason, rvm gracefully switches to their version so that I'm developing like them.

That's all for this week, I hope you enjoyed it!

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